Tuesday, 26 March 2013

8051 Based Wind Turbine

A 8051 based wind turbine model consist of a moving rotor assembly consisting of a DC motor including the blades for converting wind energy to low speed rotational energy. The generator component includes the electrical generator, the control electronics, and most likely a gearbox (e.g. planetary gearbox, adjustable-speed drive or continuously variable transmission) component for converting the low speed incoming rotation to high speed rotation suitable for generating electricity.
The whole generator system is mounted on a stepper motor configuration which enables the system to move 180  ͦ towards left and 180  ͦ towards right direction. This enables the system to move 360  ͦ and choose the direction of the wind anytime. This eliminates the dependency of wind turbine on the direction of wind.
The system is connected with a controlling keypad to move the stepper motor in desired direction. At the base of the turbine tower is a energy storing system made of resistors and capacitors to store the AC voltage produced during the rotation of turbine blades. The capacitor stores the fluctuating voltage and converts it into constant voltage supply to drive LED or other kind of load.
An LCD is provided along with keypad to display the condition of wind speed depending on the speed of the moving blades. The LCD also displays the degree at which the turbine system mounted on stepper motor is moving. 
The system is connected with an Atmel 89S52 microcontroller which controls and manages the working of whole assembly including stepper motor, keypad and LCD display.

Key features of this project are:
Ø  A DC motor is used to generate the power from moving wind.
Ø  Capability of turbine to rotate in 360  ͦ direction to choose the optimum direction of flowing wind.
Ø  Controlling of system using a keypad present at the base of the tower.
Ø  Uses a LCD to display the angle rotated by the turbine assembly through stepper motor.
Ø  The power is stored in a capacitor circuit to convert the fluctuating voltage into dc voltage.
Ø  8051 based turbine system to control the turbine mechanism and stepper motor controlling mechanism.
Ø  The microcontroller and LCD works on a +5V supply.

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